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Tom Waits: Glitter and Doom Tour

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Knoxville Civic Auditorium

8:00 PM Sunday, June 29th

Doors open at 7:00 PM

Eccentric musical shaman and rara avis TOM WAITS is bringing his “Glitter and Doom” tour to some of the summer’s hottest regions ’ and where better than the Southeast? Waits will be touring with longtime musical ally Larry Taylor (bass), Omar Torrez (guitar), Patrick Warren (keyboards), Casey Waits (drums and percussion) and as yet named reed player; performing hollers, mambos and rhumbas. Anti Records recently launched with the release of a press conference clip for the “Glitter and Doom” tour. Waits’ press conference is currently the #1 featured video on with over 120,000 views in less than 72 hours. Tickets for Waits’ previous “Orphans” tour in 2006 sold out in minutes. Of that tour, critics were unanimous: the Chicago Tribune said, “After two hours, Waits reprised ‘Time,’ a beautiful song, even in a land where it’s raining hammers and nails. Waits’ voice sounded like that hard rain. Even at its most tender, it was a gruff, unrelenting force of nature.” The Flint Journal (MI) raved, “Waits took the eager capacity crowd on a journey of Wagnerian proportions. I hope we don’t have to wait another 19 years to sip from that cup again.” Exalted The Tennessean, “(Ryman Auditorium) Even back in the ancient, pre-country days when the holy structure was an actual church, it’s hard to imagine a more passionate sermonizer gracing the boards than Waits.”

Sales Information:
Tickets go on sale Friday May 16th, 2008
$85, plus applicable fees.

Knoxville Civic Auditorium
Fax 865-544-5386

Ticket Sales Outlets:
Online sales only. Please see restrictions

P.O. Box 2603
Knoxville, TN
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Tom Waits

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